Studies on intracellular structures of COS cells by X-ray microscopy.

  title={Studies on intracellular structures of COS cells by X-ray microscopy.},
  author={Akitsugu Yamamoto and Ryuichi Masaki and Peter Guttmann and G{\"u}nter Schmahl and Hironobu Kihara},
  journal={Journal of synchrotron radiation},
  volume={5 Pt 3},
COS-7 cells, fixed with glutaraldehyde, were studied using the transmission X-ray microscope at the electron storage ring BESSY, Berlin. The border of the cell, the nucleus, nucleoli and mitochondria of the cells were clearly visualized with the X-ray microscope. In addition, we found many X-ray dense granules preferentially located around the nucleus. Electron microscopy showed that numerous multivesicular bodies, whose structures belong to the endosome-lysosomal system, were present around… CONTINUE READING