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Studies on housing price dynamics

  title={Studies on housing price dynamics},
  author={Elias Oikarinen},
This paper studies housing price dynamics in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area (HMA) using quarterly data from 1975Q1 to 2006Q2. Special attention is given to analyzing if residential property in the HMA is overvalued. First, different ratios between housing prices and fundamental variables affecting housing prices are calculated. Then, a long-run relationship between real housing prices, real aggregate income, loan-to-GDP ratio and real after-tax mortgage rate is estimated. The long-run relation… 
Macroeconomic Factors and Housing Prices in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area
The housing price fluctuations are closely linked to the development of the whole national economy. Macroeconomic changes, which can, to some extent, be impacted by the political decision-making,
An Empirical Investigation of the Portuguese Housing Prices (2004-18)
This article presents an integrated macro view of the Portuguese housing market with macroeconomic indicators. Firstly, it compares the housing market and several macroeconomic indicators from 2004
Forecasting the house price for Ahvaz city
Determination and the estimation of the house price in urban areas has a great importance for governments, individual and state investors and common people. The mentioned estimation can be used in
Forecasting the House Price for Ahvaz City: the Comparison of the Hedonic and Artificial Neural Network Models
Determination and the estimation of the house price in urban areas has a great importance for governments, individual and state investors and common people. The mentioned estimation can be used in
Modelling the affecting factors of housing price using GMDH-type artificial neural networks in Isfahan city of Iran
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to use Group Method of Data Handling (GMDH)-type artificial neural network to model the affecting factors of housing price in Isfahan city housing market.
An Investigation into the Dynamics of the Dublin Housing Market , 2006-2018
IN CATALAN (100 words) Després de cinc dècades de creixement sostingut, el mercat irlandès de l'habitatge va patir un accident precipitat després de la crisi financera mundial el 2007. El nostre


House prices, household saving and financial market liberalization in Finland
House Price Dynamics and Market Fundamentals: The Parisian Housing Market
The paper compares two methods to evaluate the effect of market fundamentals on housing price dynamics. The first method follows the traditional two-step procedures found in the literature in which
House Prices and Inflation: A Cointegration Analysis for Finland and Sweden
Given the emphasis on price stability in monetary policy, the concern caused by recent rapid increases in housing prices are understandable.It is suspected that such rises may provide early
Assessing High House Prices: Bubbles, Fundamentals, and Misperceptions
We construct measures of the annual cost of single-family housing for 46 metropolitan areas in the United States over the last 25 years and compare them with local rents and incomes as a way of
The Dynamics of Metropolitan Housing Prices
This article is the winner of the Innovative Thinking ‘‘Thinking Out of the Box’’ manuscript prize (sponsored by the Homer Hoyt Advanced Studies Institute) presented at the 2001 American Real
Bubbles in Metropolitan Housing Markets
A commonsense and empirically supported approach to explaining metropolitan real house price changes is for the theory to describe an equilibrium price level to which the market is constantly
House Prices and the Macroeconomy: Implications for Banking and Price Stability
House price bubbles, and their aftermath, have become a focus of macro-economic policy concern in most developed countries. This book elucidates the two-way relationship between house-price
The Long-Run Elasticity of New Housing Supply in the United States: Empirical Evidence for 1950 to 1994
The long-run price elasticity for alternative specifications of new housing supply is estimated using U.S. annual data for 1950 through 1994. The basic model expresses residential construction as a
Hedging Housing Risk*
An unusually rich source of data on housing prices in Stockholm is used to analyze the investment implications of housing choices. This empirical analysis derives market-wide price and return series