[Studies on chemical constituents in heartwood of Taxus cuspidata].


OBJECTIVE To study the chemical constituents in the heartwood of Taxus cuspidata. METHOD Silica gel column chromatography, preparative HPLC and preparative TLC were used to isolate and purify the chemical constituents; 1H- and 13C-NMR spectroscopic methods were used for structural identification. RESULT Ten compounds, taxinine (1), taxusin (2), beta-sitosterol (3), 1 beta-hydroxybaccatin I (4), 2alpha, 5alpha, 10beta-triacetoxy-14beta-(2'-methyl) butanoyloxy-4 (20), 11-taxadiene (5), 2alpha, 5alpha, 10beta-triacetoxy-14beta-(2'-methyl-3'-hydroxy-butanoyloxyl-4 (20), 11-taxadiene (yunnanxane) (6), 9alpha, 10beta, 13alpha-triacetoxy-5alpha-cinnamoyltaxa-4 (20), 11-diene (7), 2-deacetoxytaxinine J (8), taxezopidine G (9), 2alpha, 7beta, 9alpha, 10beta, 13alpha-pentaacetoxyl-taxa-4 (20), 11-dien-5-ol (5-decinnamoyltaxinine J) (10), were isolated and identified from the heartwood of T. cuspidata. CONCLUSION Three taxanes, 1 beta-hydroxybaccatin I (4), 2alpha, 5alpha, 10beta-triacetoxy-14beta-(2'-methyl-3'-hydroxy-butanoyloxy)-4 (20), 11-taxadiene (yunnanxane) (6), and 2alpha, 7beta, 9alpha, 10beta, 13alpha-pentaacetoxyltaxa-4 (20) , 11-dien-5-ol (10), were obtained from this plant for the first time.

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