Studies on anther cultures of tomato —Lycopersicon esculentum Mill

  title={Studies on anther cultures of tomato —Lycopersicon esculentum Mill},
  author={Gulshan and Thomaskutty Varghese and D. Warner R. Doeschate David Warner R. Sharma},
  journal={Biologia Plantarum},
The anthers of three genotypes ofLycopersicon esculentum, viz. cv. HS-101, cv. HS-102 and an F1 hybrid (Montfavet 63-4xHS-101) in different stages of development were cultured in various defined nutritive media. Only anthers containing microspores in the early uninucleate stage were found to respond with the culture medium in the formation of androgenic callus. The DGII medium with 2 mg l−1 NAA and 1 mg 1−1 kinetin was found to be best for callus induction but MS medium supplemented with 2 mg l… CONTINUE READING