Studies on adhesion to tooth substrate. 6. Adhesion of composite resin to dentin mediated by the dentin primer containing MTYA.

  title={Studies on adhesion to tooth substrate. 6. Adhesion of composite resin to dentin mediated by the dentin primer containing MTYA.},
  author={T. Hayakawa and H. Endo and A. Nagatsuka and K. Horie},
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The influences of the kinds and concentrations of the aldehydes in the primer on dentin adhesion were investigated. Moreover, the durability of the adhesion to the dentin treated with primer was examined by thermal cycling tests. Among the aldehyde tested here, glutaraldehyde was effective in improving the adhesion to dentin etched with citric acid. When HEMA was substituted with ethanol, the bond strengths decreased. The relationship between the bond strength and the concentration of… Expand
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