Studies on a 2,3-diaminopropionate: ammonia-lyase from a Pseudomonad.

  title={Studies on a 2,3-diaminopropionate: ammonia-lyase from a Pseudomonad.},
  author={K R Vijayalakshmi and D. Rajagopal Rao and Mohan Raghavendra Rao},
  journal={Hoppe-Seyler's Zeitschrift fur physiologische Chemie},
  volume={356 2},
2,3-Diaminopropionate:ammonia-lyase, an induced enzyme in a Pseudomonas isolate, has been purified 40-fold and found to be homogeneous by disc gel electrophoresis and by ultracentrifugation. Some of its properties have been studied. The optimum pH and temperature for activity are 8 and 40 degrees C, respectively. The enzyme shows a high degree of substrate specificity, acting only on 2,3-diaminopropionate; the D-isomer is only one-eighth as effective as the L-form. L-Homoserine and DL… CONTINUE READING