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Studies on Utilization of Coconut Flour as a Source of Cell Wall Polysaccharides

  title={Studies on Utilization of Coconut Flour as a Source of Cell Wall Polysaccharides},
  author={L.L.W.C. Yalegama and J. K. Chavan},
Coconut flour was obtained by extraction of virgin coconut oil from Komet DD 85 expeller. The residue left after virgin oil extraction was ground to obtain flour. The composition of coconut flour; moisture 3.7%, fat 13.4%, protein 21.8%, ash 5.1%, total sugars 18.8% and crude fiber 9.3%. When it was fractionated into different fibers, it contained 38.3% neutral detergent fiber. Out of this, 24.2% are acid detergent fibers, 14.0% hemicelluloses and 10.3% celluloses. The flour was defatted with… 

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