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Studies on Olividae. XIV. The taxonomic structure of Oliva oliva (auct.)

  title={Studies on Olividae. XIV. The taxonomic structure of Oliva oliva (auct.)},
  author={Bernard M. Tursch and Otoguro Misa and Jean Paul Bouillon},
  journal={Applied Physics Express},
The "Oliva oliva complex" appears as a limited, dense cloud in the attribute hyperspace of the genus Oliva. Shells of this cluster display a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colour patterns and appear at first sight to be all linked by intergrades. Evidence based upon over 8500 measurements effected on 387 specimens indicates on the contrary that our sample of the "Oliva oliva complex" consists of three sibling species and two subspecies. RESUME. Le "complexe Oliva oliva" apparaît comme un… 
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The Family Olividae
The more recent major publications on this family include those of Johnson (1 910-1911 , 191 5, 1928 ) ; Dautzenberg ( 1 927); Dodge ( 1950); and Olsson and Dance (1 1 966).
AUometric relationships between shell height, shell width, aperture height, aperture width, total animal weight, wet flesh weight, dry flesh weight and shell weight in Oliva oliva were subjected to
Atlas of the living olive shells of the world
dat een enorm karwei. Nu hebben de auteurs in dit opzicht volstaan met de uitleg van de namen, die zijn ontleend aan persoonsnamen of geografische namen. En die zijn over het algemeen al door ieder