Studies of the vessel wall properties in hemodialysis patients.

  title={Studies of the vessel wall properties in hemodialysis patients.},
  author={Michael Barenbrock and Claus Spieker and V Laske and Stefan Heidenreich and Helge Hohage and Johanna Bachmann and A P Hoeks and K. H. Rahn},
  journal={Kidney international},
  volume={45 5},
Compliance is an important property of the arterial system and abnormalities in compliance can greatly affect cardiovascular function. The elastic properties of the common carotid artery were therefore studied in 24 normotensive hemodialysis patients and 24 healthy normotensives using a noninvasive technique. The hemodialysis patients and the control subjects were matched for blood pressure. Arterial distension was measured by Doppler analysis of the vessel wall movements and blood pressure was… CONTINUE READING
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