Studies of the Chronological Course of Wisdom Tooth Eruption in a Black African Population

  title={Studies of the Chronological Course of Wisdom Tooth Eruption in a Black African Population},
  author={Andreas Olze and P van Niekerk and Ronald Schulz and Andreas Schmeling},
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The importance of forensic age estimation in living subjects has grown over the last few years. [] Key Method In the present study, we determined the stage of wisdom tooth eruption in 410 male and 106 female Black South African subjects of known age (12-26 years) based on radiological evidence from 516 conventional orthopantomograms. Four eruption stages were determined (no emergence, alveolar emergence, gingival emergence, complete emergence).
Chronological course of third molar eruption in a Portuguese population
It is pointed out that it is possible to estimate the age of investigated persons based on alveolar, gingival and complete emergence of the third molars in the occlusal plane based on pre-established values that concern the population of the undocumented person.
Radiological age estimation: based on third molar mineralization and eruption in Turkish children and young adults
Although third molars’ eruption shows greater variability than development of third molar, data obtained from this study can be supportive to development data for age estimation.
Validation of reference data on wisdom tooth mineralization and eruption for forensic age estimation in living persons
Reference data for wisdom teeth mineralization and eruption of a German population concerning the diagnosis of the age limit of 18 years in persons with known age is validated to validate reference values for dental age estimation.
Dental age estimation using radiographic assessment of third molar eruption among 10–20-year-old Ugandan population
Given the fact that the percentage of erupted third molars by age 18 was found to be <50% on an average in this Ugandan population, the use of third molar eruption as a definitive tool for age estimation in this population should be reconsider.
A comparison of techniques in age estimation using the third molar
Three methods were evaluated in estimating age in a modern population from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada using third molars as seen in 361 clinical panoramic digital radiographs of 361 individuals with an age range from 7.9 to 29.9 years.


Eruption times of third molars in young rural Nigerians.
Third molar-eruption was significantly earlier in the mandible and problems often associated with the erupting third molars are likely to be seen earlier in young rural Nigerians than in the western countries.
Eruption age of the teeth in India.
Zahnärztliche Mundchirurgie für Studierende der Zahnheilkunde
Die Chirurgie des Mundes und der Zähne
The age at eruption of third permanent molars in male East Africans.
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Inspektorische Beurteilung des Durchbruchs der bleibenden Zähne bei Kindern und Jugendlichen als forensisch-odontologisches Hilfmittel zur Bestimmung des chronologischen Alters
ZusammenfassungZiel: Die Altersbestimmung ist eine immer größere Herausforderung in der forensischen Odontologie geworden, einerseits in Bezug auf die Anzahl der zu untersuchenden Probanden,
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    The age of eruption of the third molar teeth
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