Studies of nucleoside transporters using novel autofluorescent nucleoside probes.

  title={Studies of nucleoside transporters using novel autofluorescent nucleoside probes.},
  author={Jing Zhang and Xuejun Sun and Kyla M. Smith and Frank C. Visser and Pat Carpenter and Geraldine Barron and Yunshan Peng and Morris J. Robins and Stephen A. Baldwin and James D. Young and Carol E. Cass},
  volume={45 4},
To better understand nucleoside transport processes and intracellular fates of nucleosides, we have developed a pair of fluorescent nucleoside analogues, FuPmR and dFuPmR, that differ only in the sugar moiety (ribofuranosyl versus 2'-deoxy, respectively), for real-time analysis of nucleoside transport into living cells by confocal microscopy. The binding and transportability of the two compounds were assessed for five recombinant human nucleoside transporters (hENT1/2, hCNT1/2/3) produced in… CONTINUE READING
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