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Studies of extraction, storage, and testing of pine pollen

  title={Studies of extraction, storage, and testing of pine pollen},
  author={John W. Duffield},

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The impact of extraction and storage conditions on the viability of radiata pine pollen
While pollen in less than optimal condition lost viability very rapidly under poor storage modalities, pollen extracted and dried was able to tolerate poor storage relatively well.
Effect of storage on pollen viability in Pinus sylvestris L., Pinus mugo Turra and their hybrid swarms
Pollen storage is the only way how to overcome the differences in phenology of forest trees and geographically determined reproductive barriers between them during controlled pollination and significant differences between fresh and stored pollen grains were confirmed.
In vitro Studies on Pollen Viability, Pollen Germination and Pollen Tube Growth of Hornstedtia conoidea Ridl. – a Philippine Endemic Ginger Species
It can be concluded that H. conoidea pollen can successfully be collected and stored for certain time and knowledge regarding the pollen viability, pollen germination and pollen tube growth of this species will give practical benefit for plant breeding and conservation purposes.
Int. J. Biosci
Pollen is an important research material for the biological and morphological studies and plays a magic role in reproduction process of fruit species. Storage of pollen is very important stage of
Germination of Pistacia vera L. pollen in liquid medium
The osmotic effect of Polyethylene glycol (PEG) has been shown to be sufficient to induce the germination of Pistacia vera L. pollen in liquid medium and to obtain maximum in vitro germination.
Pollen Handling Techniques in Forest Genetics, with Special Reference to Incompatibility
Several new pollen treatment and application techniques have been introduced in recent years that insure and assess pollen viability and, in some cases, overcome incompatibility barriers.
SUMMARY A simple method of determining the germination of pine pollen is described. It consists of Ousting the pollen to be tested on a slide which is placed over water in a petri dish, which is kept