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Studies in the lichen genus Psoroma 2. Psoroma fruticulosum and Psoroma rubromarginatum

  title={Studies in the lichen genus Psoroma 2. Psoroma fruticulosum and Psoroma rubromarginatum},
  author={David John Galloway and Aino Henssen and Bernd Renner and Krisztina Marton and Peter W. James},
Psoroma capense and P. esterhuyseniae (Pannariaceae), two new alpine species from South Africa
A phylogenetic analysis involving the markers ITS, nucLSU, mtSSU and Mcm7, comparing the only recent collection of P. capense with previously published sequences shows that it belongs to the P. hypnorum lineage, with no known, closely related species. Expand
Contributions to a history of New Zealand lichenology 5*. James Murray (1923–1961)
His early published work was to influence the emerging field of lichen bioactive compounds, and 50 years later, generic concepts in the Lobariaceae . Expand
Four additional lichens from the Antarctic and South Georgia, including a new Leciophysma species
Four lichen species new to the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic South Georgia are reported. One is new to science: a species of Leciophysma with rough, non-granular thallus and reduced proper exciple. AExpand
The Lichen Genus Psoromidium Stirton
The Southern Hemisphere genus Psoromidium Stirton (Lecanorales, Pannariaceae) is closely related to certain elements within the heterogeneous genus Psoroma Michx, but is distinguished by the absenceExpand