Studies in the biochemistry of micro-organisms; dehydrocarolic acid, a metabolic product of Penicillium cinerascens Biourge.


These products are: (a) I-y-Methyltetronic acid. [I, R =-CH3; X= H. Clutterbuck, Raistrick & Reuter, 1935c.] (b) Carolic acid. [II; hydrated form, I, RB=-CH3; X=-CO.CH2.CH2.CH20H. Clutterbuck, Haworth, Raistrick, Smith & Stacey, 1934; Clutterbuck et al. 1935a.] (c) Carolinic acid. [I,R =-CH3;X =-CO. CH2. CH2. COOH. Clutterbuck et al. 1934, 1935a.] (d… (More)


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