Studies in the Social and Economic History of the Witwatersrand 1886-1914

  title={Studies in the Social and Economic History of the Witwatersrand 1886-1914},
  author={Robert Vicat Turrell and Charles van Onselen},
“Honey, Milk and Bile”: a social history of Hillbrow, 1894–2016
The concentration of innovative public health interventions in Hillbrow today, particularly in the high quality health services and multidisciplinary research of the Hillbrow Health Precinct, creates the possibility for renewal of this troubled inner-city suburb.
"Most of them, they just want someone to under them:" Gender, Generation, and Personhood among the Xhosa
Drawing on seventeen months of ethnographic fieldwork, this dissertation focuses on gendered and generational conflicts about social reproduction in a rural Xhosa community in the Eastern Cape, South
The Creation of tribalism in Southern Africa
Despite a quarter century of "nation building," most African states are still driven by ethnic particularism--commonly known as "tribalism." The stubborn persistence of tribal ideologies despite the
“We cannot discriminate against someone without an eye or a leg … But I do look at obesity”: Statistical discrimination and employers’ recruitment strategies at housecleaning service companies in Johannesburg
  • David du Toit
  • Economics
    African Journal of Employee Relations (Formerly South African Journal of Labour Relations)
  • 2019
The landscape of paid domestic work has changed considerably in recent years with the growth in the number of housecleaning service companies in South Africa and elsewhere. Housecleaning service
Contested governance: police and gang interactions
Gangs in Cape Town have long been associated with high levels of violence and police efforts on the Cape Flats, while state agencies have not yet been able to bring any significant relief to the
The Politics of Child Prostitution in South Africa
Abstract This paper argues that policies, interventions and discourses pertaining to child prostitution have been guided by overarching political agendas that have masked the underlying structural
The Movement to Decriminalize Sex Work in Gauteng Province, South Africa, 1994–2002
Abstract: This article explores the movement to decriminalize sex work in the Gauteng province of Johannesburg from 1994 to 2002. In particular, I examine the actions and statements of the provincial
From the inception of the Johannesburg mining camp in 1886, through its evolution to village, town, city and metropolis the main agglomeration of its retail and financial businesses and services have