Studies in the Psychology of Sex

  title={Studies in the Psychology of Sex},
  author={David Slight},
  journal={The Indian Medical Gazette},
  pages={476 - 476}
  • D. Slight
  • Published 1 December 1903
  • Psychology
  • The Indian Medical Gazette
an impulse of evacuation and also of its being merely a reproductive impulse. Then Moll's dual definition of the impulses of detumescence and of contvacation are considered, especially in relation to Darwin's sexual selection. Finally the author favours a definition of the sexual impulse as consisting of the impulses of tumescence and detumescence, the latter being a powerful instinct but dependent on the former, and it in turn being closely associated with violent motion such as fighting, or… 
Sex, Incest, and Death: Initiation Rites Reconsidered1
AN ATTEMPT WILL BE MADE HERE to show whv initiation and/or puberty rites occur in so many societies and why they take the shape they do. To do this I shall use concepts derived from social and
Curing Mind and Body in the Heart of the Canadian Rockies: Empire, Sexual Scandal and the Reclamation of Masculinity, 1880s–1920s
Based on a reading of published writings and a series of private letters and medical records, this article explores the life and career of the mountaineer Sir James Outram (1864–1925) in order to
Transvestism and hanging episodes in a male adolescent
It is suggested that the body-phallus equation may frequently play a role both in the psychodynamics of transvestism and in the utilization of constriction of the neck as a sexual stimulant.
The nature of explanation in sexology and the riddle of triolism
Triolism is an uncommon sexual variety. Through its examination, the nature of explanation itself in Sexology is clarified and much is learned about sexuality in general. The prevalent explanations
“Beyond the Fifty Shades…”: Intersections of Sadomasochism and Sexual Torture
Torture has been an evolutionary human tool. Throughout history, philosophies, and mythologies, rulers, judges, and holy men have propagated or revoked practices of torture. Although mostly physical,
Breastfeeding and the Circulation of Desire in Nineteenth-Century France
volume 7, number 2 The concept of sexual pleasure while breastfeeding, still faintly scandalous in the twenty-first century, circulates in a variety of nineteenth-century French texts, from medical
The development of sexual orientation in women.
The thesis of this review is that the cumulative body of empirical research on women's sexual orientation refutes each of the main inversion assumptions.
A matrix of interests: Freud, the sexologists, and the legacy of Greece
The use of classical scholarship in nineteenth century debates on sexuality forms the focus of this paper. It is argued that German Hellenism played a crucial role in providing Freud and German
The Female King: Tennyson's Arthurian Apocalypse
  • Elliot L. Gilbert
  • Art
    PMLA/Publications of the Modern Language Association of America
  • 1983
Most readers of the Idylls of the King wonder how the traditionally virile and manly King Arthur of legend and romance evolved into the restrained, almost maidenly Victorian monarch of Alfred Lord