Studies in the Capparidaceae—IV. Polanisia Raf

  title={Studies in the Capparidaceae—IV. Polanisia Raf},
  author={Hugh H. Iltis},
The genus Polanisia is a member of the subfamily Cleomoideae closely related to the genus Cleome, which includes the commonly cult ivated " sp ide r f lowers." I t s limits have been problematic for a long time because of improper definition. The purpose of this pape r is to redefine Polanisia, and to elucidate certain of its taxonomic, morphological and phylogenetic-geographic problems par t icular ly those of the group of taxa that are here combined into Polanisia dodecandra sensu lato… CONTINUE READING


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Based on Cristatel la erosa Nutt . Cyrbasiuqn erosum ( Nut t . ) Endl

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  • Shannon Co . : Southern par t of county , Over…

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