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Studies in the Amphisphaeriaceae (sensu lato). II: Leiosphaerella cocoes and two new species of Oxydothis on palms

  title={Studies in the Amphisphaeriaceae (sensu lato). II: Leiosphaerella cocoes and two new species of Oxydothis on palms},
  author={Gary J. Samuels and Amy Y. Rossman},

Diatrypasimilis australiensis, a novel xylarialean fungus from mangrove

The morphological features and phylogenetic position of this organism do not closely resemble any known fungal taxa, and this fungus is proposed to be a representative of a novel taxon and described as Diatrypasimilis australiensis.

An advance in the endophyte story: Oxydothidaceae fam. nov. with six new species of Oxydothis

Phylogenetic analyses generated from maximum likelihood and Bayesian analysis of combined ITS, LSU and SSU sequence data indicate that Oxydothis species form a distinct lineage related to Vialaeaceae and Iodosphaeriaceae.

New species and records of Neomassaria, Oxydothis and Roussoella (Pezizomycotina, Ascomycota) associated with palm and bamboo from China

Multi-gene phylogenetic analyses based on combined ITS, LSU, SSU, rpb2 and tef1 loci confirmed that two micro fungi gathered from bamboo and palm in Guizhou Province, China are new geographical records for China and show that Oxydothis fortunei is closely related to O. inaequalis.

Phylogeny, Global Biogeography and Pleomorphism of Zanclospora

Phylogenetic analyses of six nuclear loci, supported by phenotypic data, revealed Zanclospora as highly polyphyletic, with species distributed among three distantly related lineages in Sordariomycetes.

Refined families of Sordariomycetes

This treatment of the class Sordariomycetes provides up-to-date DNA based phylogenies for 45 orders and 163 families and provides general descriptions and illustrate the type genus or another genus, where the placement has generally been confirmed with molecular data.

Natonodosa speciosa gen. et sp. nov. and rediscovery of Poroisariopsis inornata: neotropical anamorphic fungi in Xylariales

A dichotomous key to the new genus Natonodosa and morphologically similar taxa is provided and a new name, Guarroa, is proposed for replacing the illegitimate genus name Phaeobotrys M. Calduch, Gené & Guarro.

Observations of Vialaea insculpta (Amphisphaeriaceae)

REDLIN, S.C. (1989). Observations of Vialea insculpta (Amphisphaeriaceae). SYDOWIA 41: 296-307. Vialaea insculpta (FR.:FR.) SACC, an ascomycetous fungus with unusual characteristics, has long been

The genus Oxydothis: New palmicolous taxa and phylogenetic relationships within the Xylariales

ITS nrDNA sequence analyses indicate that Oxydothis is more closely related to members of the Amphisphaeriaceae than Diatrypaceae or Xylariaceae, and the phylogenetic relationships of Oxydothsis and its familial placement remain obscure.