Studies in Viola, 2: Some irregularities in natural Viola hybrids


While s tudy ing the cytology of a Wild Popula t ion of Hybr ids between Viola tricolor L. and V. lutea HoDs. some abnormal i t i es were noticed, but , as they had no connect ion with the object of the research then, they were left to be dealt wi th when t ime permi t ted . Recent ly these irregularit ies have been examined in detai l and the results are set down below. In a previous paper the author (FoTHERGILL, 1938) described the location and discussed the evidence for the hyb r i d i t y of these plants. Twentytwo plants were chosen at r a n d o m from a N a t u r a l Hybr id Popula t ion found growing at Bywell, Nor thumber l and . These p lan ts were named V.A . . . . . . V.V. Two plants, V.B.18. and V.B.19. were growing in a nea rby garden but had been t r ansp l an t ed from the

DOI: 10.1007/BF01508150

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