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Studies in Semitic Linguistics and Manuscripts : A Liber Discipulorum in Honour of Professor Geoffrey Khan

  title={Studies in Semitic Linguistics and Manuscripts : A Liber Discipulorum in Honour of Professor Geoffrey Khan},
  author={Nadia Vidro and Ronny Vollandt and Esther Wagner and Judith Olszowy-Schlanger},
This Festschrift is a collection of papers in honour of Geoffrey Khan, the Regius Professor of Hebrew at the University of Cambridge, written by his former and current students and post-doctoral re ... 
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A Dynamic History: MS Sinai, Arabic 151 in the Hands of Scribes, Readers, and Restorers

This paper unfolds parts of the dynamic, yet mostly hidden, history of MS Sinai Arabic 151 based on its paleographical, codicological, paratextual, and textual features. Combining these aspects

Diversity in Numbers: A Linguistic Analysis of Numerals in Maskilic Hebrew

Abstract:This article constitutes the first linguistic analysis of Maskilic Hebrew numerals. While it is commonly believed that Maskilic Hebrew exhibited a normative grammatical structure based

‘The Tale of the Cairene and the Countryman’

This short article offers a revised transcription and English translation of Qiṣṣat al-maṣrī wa-l-rīfī ‘The Tale of the Cairene and the Countryman’ as found in AIU VII.C.16, with grammatical notes.



A Grammar of the Christian Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Diyana-Zariwaw

A study of a Neo-Aramaic variety by Lidia Napiorkowska in this volume is a contribution to the documentation of spoken Aramaic, covering the phonological, morphological and syntactic notions of the

Linguistic Variety of Judaeo-Arabic in Letters from the Cairo Genizah

This work is one of the first studies presenting a comprehensive linguistic investigation into non-literary Judaeo-Arabic. Its main focus is the diachronic description of letters from the Cairo

The Verbal System in Late Enlightenment Hebrew

This book constitutes the first thorough, corpus-based analysis of the verb in Late Maskilic (Jewish Enlightenment) Hebrew prose fiction. It assesses Maskilic Hebrew verbal morphology and syntax both

The "Antiquarianization" of Biblical Scholarship and the London Polyglot Bible (1653-57)

These scholars, from Petrarch to Poggio, from Panvinio to Peiresc to Perizonius, looked beyond the page and collected, described, and compared the material remains of the ancient world. That these

The Development of the Semitic Definite Article: A Syntactic Approach

This paper aims at explaining the development of the Semitic definite article through an examination of its attested syntactical features. The paper will try to show that the original function of the

A bridge of words : A term list based on the study and classification of compounding operations in Avot Yeshurun's later poetry (1974-1992) concerning the notion of bayit (home/house)

The aim of this study is to establish, describe and present a term list; based upon word level operations of Avot Yeshurun, as used within the framework of a given literary context (metonymy) and a

The semitic languages : an international handbook

The handbook The Semitic Languages offers a comprehensive reference tool for Semitic Linguistics in its broad sense. It is not restricted to comparative Grammar, although it covers also comparative

The Masora Magna of Two Biblical Fragments from the Cairo Genizah, and the Unusual Practice of the Scribe behind the Leningrad Codex

As a rule, no two Tiberian Bibles are alike when it comes to their masoretic notes. Indeed, the masora magna notes can be thought of as part of the unique fingerprint of each individual manuscript.

The Textual History of the Arabic Pauline Epistles: One Version, Three Recensions, Six Manuscripts

Senses of Scriptures, Treasures of Tradition, edited by Miriam L Hjalm, provides insights into the Bible and its reception in Arabic among Jews, Samaritans, Christians and Muslims.

Arabic and Judaeo-Arabic manuscripts in the Cambridge Genizah Collections : Arabic old series (T-S Ar. 1a-54)

Introduction Description of manuscripts Bibliography and short title index Medieval and classical authors and their works Index of sources Index of subjects Plates.