Studies in Liocranidae (Araneae): redescriptions and transfers in Apostenus Westring and Brachyanillus Simon, as well as description of a new genus

  title={Studies in Liocranidae (Araneae): redescriptions and transfers in Apostenus Westring and Brachyanillus Simon, as well as description of a new genus},
  author={J A N Bosselaers},
Three poorly known species of Apostenus Westring 1851 are redescribed: A. humilis Simon 1932, A. ochraceus Hadjissarantos 1940 and A. rutilius Simon 1897. A. rutilius is transferred to Agraecina Simon 1932 as A. rutilia new combination. The genus Brachyanillus Simon 1913 is synonymised with Cybaeodes Simon 1878 and B. liocraninus Simon 1913 is redescribed and transferred to Cybaeodes as C. liocraninus new combination. Arabelia pheidoleicomes gen. n., sp. n. (Araneae, Liocranidae) is described… 
Turkocranum gen. n., a new genus of Liocranidae (Arachnida: Araneae) from Turkey
A new genus of Liocranidae, Turkocranum gen. n., is described which can be distinguished from the other genera of Liocraninae by the spination pattern of the legs, the male palp with large lanceolate
New records of spiders ( Araneae ) from Portugal
Data about spiders collected in Portugal are presented. Two new species are described, Scotophaeus dolanskyi spec. nov. (Gnaphosidae) and Apostenus crespoi spec. nov. (Liocranidae). Three species are
On some new or rare spider species from Lesbos, Greece (Araneae: Agelenidae, Amaurobiidae, Corinnidae, Gnaphosidae, Liocranidae)
Three new spider species are described from the Greek Aegean island Lesbos: Tegenaria mael- faiti sp.
Studies in Liocranidae (Araneae): a new afrotropical genus featuring a synapomorphy for the Cybaeodinae
Cteniogaster , a new genus of small ground spiders is described from Kenya and Tanzania. It encompasses seven new species, three of which are known from both sexes: C. toxarchus sp. nov., the type
Description of three liocranid spider species from Korea (Araneae: Liocranidae)
Three liocranid spider species are described with illustrations: a new species, Agroeca bonghwaensis n. sp. and two species new to Korean spider fauna, Agroeca montana Hayashi, 1986 and Scotina
First record of the genus Arabelia Bosselaers, 2009 from China, with description of one new species (Araneae, Liocranidae)
The spider genus Arabelia Bosselaers, 2009 is described from China for the first time, with one new species Arabelia xizang sp.
Two new cave-dwelling spider species from the Moroccan High Atlas (Araneae: Liocranidae, Theridiidae)
Morphological and taxonomical analysis revealed two new species to science: an anophthalmic troglobiont species, Agraecina agadirensis spec.
First description of the male of Agraecina agadirensis (Araneae: Liocranidae), an eyeless spider from the Moroccan High Atlas
The female of Agraecina agadirensis was discovered during a scientific internship in autumn 2019 in a cave system of the Moroccan High Atlas and a detailed description, an extended taxonomic diagnosis, photos of the habitus, as well as drawings of the male pedipalpus are presented.
A new species of Heser Tuneva, 2005 (Araneae, Gnaphosidae) from the south of India
A key is provided to the species of Heser and the importance of Gnaphosidae for the study of world spider biodiversity is briefly discussed.
Generic switch-over during ontogenesis in Dimorphacanthella gen. n. (Collembola, Isotomidae) with barcoding evidence
A new genus Dimorphacanthella is established for Tetracant hella, previously called Uzelia anommatos Yue & Yin, 1999, which exhibits an unusual metamorphosis: small juveniles get the second pair of anal spines resulted from moulting and become “Tetracantheella”.