Studies in Asian Nervilia (Orchidaceae) III: N. khaoyaica, a new species from eastern Thailand

  title={Studies in Asian Nervilia (Orchidaceae) III: N. khaoyaica, a new species from eastern Thailand},
  author={Stephan W. Gale and Somran Suddee and Santi Watthana},
  journal={Kew Bulletin},
SummaryA new one-flowered species of Nervilia is described and illustrated from plants collected in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, eastern Thailand. The glabrous, angular leaf of Nervilia khaoyaica Suddee, Watthana & S. W. Gale affiliates it to the taxonomically difficult and widespread Nervilia adolphi – punctata species alliance of Section Linervia, but it is otherwise readily distinguished by its broad, oblong-obovate lip with a saccate base and obscure, rounded side lobes below the middle, and… 

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