Studies for a common selection software environment in ATLAS: from the level-2 trigger to the offline reconstruction

  title={Studies for a common selection software environment in ATLAS: from the level-2 trigger to the offline reconstruction},
  author={Shea Armstrong and J. Baines and C. Adam Bee and M. Biglietti and A. Bogaerts and V. Boisvert and Martine Bosman and Sebastian-Philipp Brandt and Bryan Caron and Patricia Mah{\'i}a Casado and Giancarlo Cataldi and Donatella Cavalli and M. Cervetto and G. Comune and Alina Corso-Radu and Alessandro Di Mattia and M. D. Gomez and Ademir dos Anjos and Joy Drohan and Nigel Ellis and Markus Elsing and Bernhard Epp and F. Etienne and S. Falciano and A. Farilla and Saly George and V. Ghete and S. Gonz{\'a}lez and Michel Grothe and Anna Kaczmarska and Kristo Karr and Andrei Khomich and Nikos Konstantinidis and W. Krasny and W. Li and Aaron Lowe and Lucia Luminari and Christophe Meessen and A. G. Mello and G. Merino and P. Morettini and E. Moyse and A. M. Nairz and A. Negri and Nikita Nikitin and Aleandro Nisati and Cynthia Padilla and Facundo Parodi and V. P{\'e}rez-R{\'e}ale and J. Pinfold and Pd.M.L. Pinto and Giacomo Polesello and Zhikang Qian and Silvia Resconi and Stefano Rosati and D. A. Scannicchio and C. Schiavi and Thomas Sch{\"o}rner-Sadenius and Esther Segura and J. M. de Seixas and T. Shears and S. Yu. Sivoklokov and Maria Smizanska and R. Soluk and Cristian Stanescu and S. Tapprogge and François Touchard and V. Vercesi and A. Watson and T. Wengler and P. Werner and S K Wheeler and F. Wickens and Werner Wiedenmann and M. Wielers and H. Zobernig},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science},
The ATLAS High Level Trigger's (HLT) primary function of event selection will be accomplished with a Level-2 trigger farm and an event filter (EF) farm, both running software components developed in the ATLAS offline reconstruction framework. While this approach provides a unified software framework for event selection, it poses strict requirements on offline components critical for the Level-2 trigger. A Level-2 decision in ATLAS must typically be accomplished within 10 ms and with multiple… CONTINUE READING
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