Studien über das Pyridin

  title={Studien {\"u}ber das Pyridin},
  author={H. We{\^i}del and M. Russo},
  journal={Monatshefte f{\"u}r Chemie und verwandte Teile anderer Wissenschaften},
  • H. WeîdelM. Russo
  • Published 1 December 1882
  • Chemistry
  • Monatshefte für Chemie und verwandte Teile anderer Wissenschaften

Effects of Ultra High Dilution of Paraquat 30 cH on Growth, Chlorophyll Content and Yield of Rice Crop

The application of synthetic fertilizers reduces the natural fertility of the soil and contaminates groundwater. Some photosynthesis inhibitors at ultra-high dilution (UHD) increase photosynthesis,

A radical departure for supramolecular chemistry

An experiment that challenged established dogma opened an entirely new avenue for research in the assembly and control of mechanically interlocked compounds.

The Early Years of 2,2′-Bipyridine—A Ligand in Its Own Lifetime

The first fifty years of the chemistry of 2,2′-bipyridine are reviewed from its first discovery in 1888 to the outbreak of the second global conflict in 1939. The coordination chemistry and

Environmental fate and ecotoxicology of paraquat: a California perspective

ABSTRACT The herbicide paraquat belongs to the group of the bipyridylium salts. In California, it is used primarily for control of broad-leaved grasses in fruit orchards and plantations, as a cotton

A solar ultraviolet sensor based on fluorescent polyoxometalate and viologen

A novel solar ultraviolet sensitive composite film consisting of fluorescent polyoxometalate and viologen has been readily prepared on solid substrates using a drop casting method, and can be colored

Simultaneous crystallization of an in situ formed conjugated polymer and inorganic matrix for structure solving.

The photoelectrochemical studies indicate that the as-obtained hybrid displays a p-type semiconductor behavior under visible-light illumination.

Well-defined polymers containing a single mid-chain viologen group: synthesis, environment-sensitive fluorescence, and redox activity

A difunctional viologen-based alkyl halide initiator was synthesized and used to initiate the copper-mediated atom transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) of methyl methacrylate to afford well-defined

Synthesis, Structure, and Photochemical Behavior of [5]Heli-viologen Isomers.

The syntheses of isomeric helical viologens that have potential applications in supramolecular chemistry and catalysis have been developed and computational studies demonstrate that the magnitude of their racemization barriers is primarily determined by the identity of the helical scaffold and is insensitive to the placement of the viologen functional group.