Students' and Teachers' Expectations in Radio-Communications Remote Laboratory


The paper presents the empirical and quantitative research that aims to compare the students’ and teachers’ expectations in remote laboratory. Two mixed symmetrical questionnaires have administered for a sample comprises teachers and students in electrical engineering, computer science and telecommunications, from more European countries. We have obtained differences between students’ awareness needs in e-Learning and their habits in traditional learning, between males’ and females’ expectations and referable needs by teachers. The results show several common elements, too. The conclusions do not have a high degree of generality and, accordingly, we do not extrapolate them to other samples, the purpose of our research being an applicative one. But the conclusions can be useful as sources of suggestions to an effective teaching, to a personalized learning in radio communications remote laboratory and to improved performances and gratifications for all actors. They are the leading point for intercultural studies and for European networks, too.

DOI: 10.1109/PIMRC.2007.4394399

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