Student perception of Moodle learning management system: a satisfaction and significance analysis

  title={Student perception of Moodle learning management system: a satisfaction and significance analysis},
  author={Ana Horvat and Marina Dobrota and Maja Krsmanovic and Mladen {\vC}udanov},
  journal={Interactive Learning Environments},
  pages={515 - 527}
This research study addresses differences in student perception of the significance of Moodle learning management system (LMS) quality characteristics and differences in student satisfaction in regard to such characteristics. Therein, it has been proven in this study that male and female students are equally satisfied with Moodle LMS quality characteristics and that there is a difference in the significance that students give to these characteristics. When students were observed in regard to… 

Influence of Moodle Learning Management System on Student Satisfaction in Learning University Common Units: A Literature Review

  • E. G. Mwangi
  • Education
    The International Journal of Humanities & Social Studies
  • 2019
Modular Object Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Moodle) is an open learning management system (LMS) widely used in mediating eLearning programmesin higher institutions. Research studies

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Learning Management System (LMS) is essential for knowledge acquisition and learning management in the digital era. Users are regarded as significant stakeholders who impact the system's longevity,

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Higher educationinstitutionsﻅareﻷincreasinglyﻴ adoptingﻵleaning﻽�leaning ﻵimprovingﻹ improvingﻢimproving learning-management-systems(LMS) as well as complementaryソ complementaryﻰ� toolキimproving-improving LMS(Moodle).

Perceptions of learning management system quality, satisfaction, and usage: Differences among students of the arts

The model of information system success has been used to evaluate students’ satisfaction with the system quality, information quality, and service quality of learning management systems. This study

Effectiveness of Moodle E-learning for Students Enrolment of GENL 1101 ‘Learning Resources and Skills’ at Asia-Pacific International University

The objectives of this research were 1) to study the level of student satisfaction and learning in the classroom using Moodle e-learning, 2) to compare the differences between personal factors and

Students’ Perception of Learning Management System Supported Smartphone: Satisfaction Analysis in Online Physics Learning

Learning Management System Supported Smartphone (LMS3) is a new and innovative application in online physics learning synchronously. The research aims to investigate the level of students’

Student satisfaction with learning management systems: A growth model of belief and use

In this study, longitudinal latent growth modelling was used to examine the relationship between changes to LMS use and belief, and satisfaction with LMS among 1179 students, mostly between 12 and 13 years old, from 25 Hong Kong schools.

Teachers’ Perceptions about the Impact of Moodle in the Educational Field Considering Data Science

Today, Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Moodle facilitate the teaching-learning process, promote the organization of creative activities from anywhere and allow the active participation of

Student Use of Learning Management Systems in the Private Sector of New Zealand Higher Education

  • Zarqa Shaheen
  • Education
    Int. J. Web Based Learn. Teach. Technol.
  • 2022
The purpose of this research project was to measure the effects of the perceptions that students hold of the functionality of LMS and students’ self-efficacy specific to using LMS in their studies on

Key factors in learners’ satisfaction with the e-learning system at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

This study aimed to identify key factors that have an influence on learners’ satisfaction with the e-learning system at the University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, using a modified, updated DeLone and



Considering Students' Perceptions: The Distance Education Student Satisfaction Model

Results suggest that as long as students have the skills to use online tools and perceive that distance education is a useful and flexible way of learning, communicating, and sharing, their enjoyment from online instruction will be promoted and this satisfaction may lead to higher levels of engagement, learning, and success in the distance education setting.

An Empirical Investigation of Student Achievement and Satisfaction in Different Learning Environments.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of three different methods of instructional delivery (online instruction, traditional face-to-face instruction, and a combination of online

Understanding collaborative learning behavior from Moodle log data

Investigating two features, embedded in the Moodle system, wiki and assessment tools, to find out how they are designed to support project-based learning, found to be significant predictors of liberal study project performance.

Factors Affecting Student Attitudes Toward Flexible Online Learning in Management Education

In response to recent technological advances and the trend toward flexible learning in education, the authors examined the factors affecting student satisfaction with flexible online learning. The

Gender Differences in Self-Regulated Learning.

Self-regulated learning is a relatively new construct in the domain of educational psychology but its theoretical relevance and important practical implications have already been well established.

Providing Adaptivity in Moodle LMS Courses

Findings of the experimental study showed that the students' effectiveness and achievements in learning were higher when they attended courses adapted using the described method, in comparison to the non-adaptive e-learning courses.