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Student engagement literature review

  title={Student engagement literature review},
  author={Vicki Trowler},

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Undergraduate student engagement in China and the UK
An Optimization Model for Group Formation in Project-based Learning
An optimization model to tackle the problem of determining how projects are assigned to student groups based on a bidding procedure shows that the large majority of students increased or maintained their satisfaction ratings with the proposed procedure after the assignment was concluded, as compared to their attitude towards the process before the project assignment occurred. Expand
A Qualitative and Quantitative Inquiry into the Learner Engagement Construct
Promoting student engagement by strengthening the link between research and teaching in Higher Education: an early career researcher perspective
ABSTRACT Having the opportunity to teach is a valuable experience to those starting out in the world of academia. In this article, the authors cast a reflective lens on their experiences of teachingExpand
The Effect of Participation in a Title V Program on Latinx Student Success at a Community College
..................................................................................................................................................................................... iiiExpand
Academic Communities of Engagement and Their Influence on Student Engagement
Academic Communities of Engagement and Their Influence on Student Engagement Kristian Joy Kealiiwahine Spring Department of Instructional Psychology and Technology, BYU Doctor of Philosophy LearnerExpand
Determinants of Student Satisfaction with Using Instructional Technology: The Role of Active Learning
ABSTRACT When faced with the challenge of student engagement in the hospitality classroom, instructional technology can aid in the instructional design of an active classroom. The present studyExpand
Engagement Factors Impacting First-Year Persistence of Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Students in Idaho Community Colleges
Engagement Factors Impacting First-Year Persistence of Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Students in Idaho Community Colleges by Kimberly M. Scheffer MPA, Boise State University, 1993 BA, Boise StateExpand
Student Residential Accommodation and Student Engagement: a study of two cases in England
This thesis explores the relationship between student residential accommodation (SRA) and student engagement (SE) in England. My own experiences living and working as a student and professional inExpand


Student participation in university governance: the role conceptions and sense of efficacy of student representatives on departmental committees
The role and contribution of students to the governance of university departments is a relatively neglected area of inquiry. This study investigated the factors which student representativesExpand
A model of online and general campus‐based student engagement
Knowing how campus‐based students engage in key online and general learning practices can play a central role in managing and developing university education. Knowledge in this area is limited,Expand
The value of student engagement for higher education quality assurance
As the principles and practices of quality assurance are further implanted in higher education, methodological questions about how to understand and manage quality become increasingly important. ThisExpand
What We're Learning About Student Engagement From NSSE: Benchmarks for Effective Educational Practices
Disclosed is a blower assembly for use in dispersing heat from an image projector with minimum air flow noise by interposing a constant torque clutch formed of a dual wound spring between the blowerExpand
The national survey of student engagement: Conceptual and empirical foundations
This chapter summarizes the history of the engagement concept, the development of the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), and its impact on institutional researchers.
What Student Affairs Professionals Need to Know About Student Engagement
In a 1992 Calvin and Hobbs cartoon (Watterson), 6-year-old Calvin asks his teacher whether he is being adequately prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. He wants to know if he will have theExpand
The measure of a man: conceptualizations of masculinity among high-achieving African American male college students.
This study examines within-group alternative conceptualizations of masculinity among African American men on university campuses. Individual interviews were conducted with 32 high-achieving AfricanExpand
Student involvement: A developmental theory for higher education.
Even a casual reading of the extensive literature on student development in higher education can create confusion and perplexity. One finds not only that the problems being studied are highly diverseExpand
From Good Practices to Good Products: Relating Good Practices in Undergraduate Education to Student Achievement
  • Paper presented at the 35th Association for Institutional Research Annual Forum. Boston,
  • 1995
The other Curriculum: Out-of-Class Experiences Associated with Student Learning and Personal Development
33. Light, R. J. The Harvard Assessment Seminars: Explorations with Students and Faculty about Teaching, Learning, and Student Life (second report). Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University GraduateExpand