Student clinician programme awards announced

  • Published 2010 in BDJ


36 BRITISH DENTAL JOURNAL VOLUME 208 NO. 1 JAN 9 2010 Providers of cost effective practice branded dental payment plans, DPAS, are now offering existing customers a Dental Implant Accident Protection Policy, underwritten by ACE European Group and designed to help protect your patients against unexpected accidents that cause damage to one or more of their implants. With success rates of over 95%, dental implants are undoubtedly an attractive treatment option but in the small number of cases where damage occurs, implant insurance can be of great value. By committing to a premium of only £25.20 per year, regardless of the number of dental implants placed, patients who need to claim can receive up to £2,500 per implant towards the cost of repair or replacement. Together with additional benefi ts that compensate for the inconvenience of a hospital stay or travel costs when patients return to their chosen implant dentist following an accident, DPAS’s implant insurance offers patients peace of mind when committing to this high value treatment. Reader response number 55 PROTECT YOUR PATIENTS IMPLANTS’ The Swedish medical device company Astra Tech AB, a subsidiary of AstraZeneca, is introducing the Atlantis solution for all major implant systems. Atlantis increases productivity and cost effi ciency in the dental laboratory as the lab can deliver high quality, customised abutments with less time and effort and can also be used for routine cases to ensure a perfect fi t. With the advanced patented Atlantis VAD (Virtual Abutment Design) software, the abutments are uniquely designed from the fi nal tooth shape. The need for chairside modifi cation is eliminated as each abutment is made to be anatomically correct and specifi c to the space it will fi t. The Atlantis solution works with titanium, gold shaded titanium and zirconia materials and Astra Tech have also started cooperating with 3M ESPE for digital scanning with the Lava Scan ST System. With this new scanning option, laboratories using the Lava Scan ST System can place orders without having to send a model to Astra Tech. Reader response number 57

DOI: 10.1038/sj.bdj.2010.34

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