Student Employment and Later Labour Market Success: No Evidence for Higher Employment Chances

  title={Student Employment and Later Labour Market Success: No Evidence for Higher Employment Chances},
  author={Stijn Baert and Olivier Rotsaert and Dieter Verhaest and Edward Omey},
  journal={ERN: Other Microeconomics: Search; Learning; Information Costs \& Specific Knowledge; Expectation \& Speculation (Topic)},
  • S. Baert, Olivier Rotsaert, E. Omey
  • Published 1 August 2016
  • Economics
  • ERN: Other Microeconomics: Search; Learning; Information Costs & Specific Knowledge; Expectation & Speculation (Topic)
We investigate the impact of student work experience on later hiring chances. To completely rule out potential endogeneity, we present a field experiment in which various forms of student work experience are randomly disclosed by more than 1000 fictitious graduates applying for jobs in Belgium. Theoretical mechanisms are investigated by estimating heterogeneous treatment effects by the relevance and timing of revealed student work experience. We find that neither form of student work experience… 

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