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Student-Created Test Sheets

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Learning Theory Study Guide
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A Legitimate Cheat Sheet
Reducing Test Anxiety While Increasing Learning: The Cheat Sheet
Student learning is greatly enhanced by studying prior to an exam. Allowing students to prepare a cheat sheet for the exam helps structure this study time and deepens learning. The crib sheet is wellExpand
A Comparison of the Effects of Practice Tests and Traditional Review on Performance and Calibration
Abstract The impact of practice tests on students' calibration and exam performance for multiple-choice and essay items was investigated. The participants were 59 graduate students enrolled in 1 of 2Expand
Student created cheat-sheets in examinations: impact on student outcomes
Examinations have traditionally been classified as "open-book" or "closed-book" in relation to the freedom for students to bring resources into examinations. Open-book examinations can have benefits,Expand
How Should Students Study? Retrieved March 10, 2016, from how-should-students-study-tips-advice-and-pitfalls.html
  • 2011
Bloom's revised taxonomy
Bloom created a learning taxonomy in 1956. During the 1990's, a former student of Bloom's, Lorin Anderson, updated the taxonomy, hoping to add relevance for 21st century students and teachers. ThisExpand
Teaching Secondary and Middle School Mathematics
I. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO "DO," "TEACH," AND "LEARN" MATHEMATICS? 1. Mathematics as a Process National and International Assessment Data How would You React? The Need for Reform "Doing" Mathematics -Expand
Improving Classroom Tests as a Means for Improving Assessment
  • The Mathematics Teacher,
  • 1997