Structures of the bacterial ribosome at 3.5 A resolution.

  title={Structures of the bacterial ribosome at 3.5 A resolution.},
  author={Barbara S Schuwirth and Maria A Borovinskaya and Cathy W Hau and Wen Zhang and Ant{\'o}n Vila-Sanjurjo and James M. Holton and Jamie H D Cate},
  volume={310 5749},
We describe two structures of the intact bacterial ribosome from Escherichia coli determined to a resolution of 3.5 angstroms by x-ray crystallography. These structures provide a detailed view of the interface between the small and large ribosomal subunits and the conformation of the peptidyl transferase center in the context of the intact ribosome. Differences between the two ribosomes reveal a high degree of flexibility between the head and the rest of the small subunit. Swiveling of the head… CONTINUE READING
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