Structures of complete RNA polymerase II and its subcomplex, Rpb4/7.

  title={Structures of complete RNA polymerase II and its subcomplex, Rpb4/7.},
  author={Karim-Jean Armache and Simone Mitterweger and Anton Meinhart and Patrick Cramer},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={280 8},
We determined the x-ray structure of the RNA polymerase (Pol) II subcomplex Rpb4/7 at 2.3 A resolution, combined it with a previous structure of the 10-subunit polymerase core, and refined an atomic model of the complete 12-subunit Pol II at 3.8-A resolution. Comparison of the complete Pol II structure with structures of the Pol II core and free Rpb4/7 shows that the core-Rpb4/7 interaction goes along with formation of an alpha-helix in the linker region of the largest Pol II subunit and with… CONTINUE READING

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