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Structured Relation Discovery using Generative Models

  title={Structured Relation Discovery using Generative Models},
  author={Limin Yao and A. Haghighi and S. Riedel and A. McCallum},
  • Limin Yao, A. Haghighi, +1 author A. McCallum
  • Published in EMNLP 2011
  • Computer Science
  • We explore unsupervised approaches to relation extraction between two named entities; for instance, the semantic bornIn relation between a person and location entity. Concretely, we propose a series of generative probabilistic models, broadly similar to topic models, each which generates a corpus of observed triples of entity mention pairs and the surface syntactic dependency path between them. The output of each model is a clustering of observed relation tuples and their associated textual… CONTINUE READING
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