Structured-Patch Optimization for Dense Correspondence


This paper presents a new method to compute the dense correspondences between two images by using the energy optimization and the structured patches. In terms of the property of the sparse feature and the principle that nearest sub-scenes and neighbors are much more similar, we design a new energy optimization to guide the dense matching process and find the reliable correspondences. The sparse features are also employed to design a new structure to describe the patches. Both transformation and deformation with the structured patches are considered and incorporated into an energy optimization framework. Thus, our algorithm can match the objects robustly in complicated scenes. Finally, a local refinement technique is proposed to solve the perturbation of the matched patches. Experimental results demonstrate that our method outperforms the state-of-the-art matching algorithms.

DOI: 10.1109/TMM.2015.2395078

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@article{Qin2015StructuredPatchOF, title={Structured-Patch Optimization for Dense Correspondence}, author={Xiameng Qin and Jianbing Shen and Xiaoyang Mao and Xuelong Li and Yunde Jia}, journal={IEEE Trans. Multimedia}, year={2015}, volume={17}, pages={295-306} }