Structured Incremental Proof Planning

  title={Structured Incremental Proof Planning},
  author={Stefan Gerberding and Brigitte Pientka},
We extend our framework of incremental proof planning. By employing nested sets of meta-rules the formulation of strategies may be structured. By switching to another meta-rule set the planner can adjust to a new situation within the proof. The new meta-rule set represents a more specialized strategy better suited for the current situation. We define the semantics of our framework by an inference system. 
An approach to assertion application via generalized resolution
A distributed mediator module is proposed between a mathematical knowledge base and a theorem proving system which is independent of the particular proof representation format of (*) and which applies generalised resolution in order to analyze the logical consequences of arbitrary assertions for a proof context at hand.
Research Statement Higher-order Logic Programming
This work applies techniques from logic, type theory, and automated deduction to find rigorous solutions to problems exposed in practice in the logical framework Twelf, which provides an experimental platform to specify, implement, and execute formal systems.


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A Science of Reasoning
  • A. Bundy
  • Philosophy, Computer Science
    Computational Logic - Essays in Honor of Alan Robinson
  • 1991
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Strukturierung der Beweisplanung durch Metaregelmengen
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  • 1997
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