Structured Analysis for Requirements Definition

  title={Structured Analysis for Requirements Definition},
  author={Douglas T. Ross and Kenneth E. Schoman},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering},
Requirements definition encompasses all aspects of system development prior to actual system design. We see the lack of an adequate approach to requirements definition as the source of major difficulties in current systems worlk This paper examines the needs for requirements definition, and proposes meeting those objectives with three interrelated subjects: context analysis, functional specification, and design constraints. Requirements definition replaces the widely used, but never well… 
A comprehensive approach to requirements problems
  • P. Zave
  • Computer Science
  • 1979
This paper argues that system requirements should be specified in terms of an interpretable model, including non-logical (performance and resource) properties, of the system interacting with its environment, and a language embodying these ideas is described.
Incorporating usability into requirements engineering tools
A framework for examining the methodologies and techniques, charting the progress made, and identifying opportunities to improve the communication capabilities of a requirements engineering tool is established.
Goal Oriented Requirement Engineering: A Literature Survey
A survey work on the multiple perspectives of Goals in requirements engineering, the Goal oriented requirements engineering background, and Modeling and specifying of goals is presented.
Some conclusions on a top-down functional specifications definition experiment
The results of an experiment undertaken by a small group of individuals to define the Functional Specifications in a top-down manner are reported.
Challenges in Contemporary Requirements Practice
A field study of practicing design professionals is reported on in which the key challenges they experience in developing a stable set of system requirements are assessed and a framework for understanding contemporary requirements challenges and the ways in which they are fundamentally interrelated is proposed.
Specifying System Requirements: A Framework of Current Techniques
A framework for evaluating various requirement specification techniques to help systems analysts select the appropriate method to meet system requirements is established.
The Domain Analysis Concept Revisited: A Practical Approach
A practical approach for domain analysis based on a well defined set of guidelines and metrics is presented and a preliminary industrial case study was performed in order to identify the viability of the approach.
Reliable software through requirements definition using data abstractions
A methodology is discussed for structuring the requirements definition of a system into a multi-leveled specification of data abstractions and it is argued that such precision in requirements definition will lead to more reliable software.
System Requirements and Specifications
The sections in this article are: Problems and Issues Concerning System Requirements and Specifications Development, Characteristics of System requirements and Specifications Processes, and Final Observations.
Requirements engineering - frameworks for understanding
Part I - An Analysis of Product Development: Systems Product Development Requirements Specifications and Method Integration and Strategy Selection.


Software Engineering: Process, Principles, and Goals
This paper attempts to define the principles and goals that affect the practice of software engineering into a framework that rationalizes and encourages their proper use, while placing in perspective the diversity of techniques, methods, and tools that presently comprise the subject ofSoftware engineering.
PSL/PSA: A Computer-Aided Technique for Structured Documentation and Analysis of Information Processing Systems
The present status of requirements definition is outlined as the basis for describing the problem which PSL/PSA is intended to solve and the basic concepts of the Problem Statement Language are introduced.
Software design and structure," in Practical Strategies for Developing Large Software Systems
  • Software design and structure," in Practical Strategies for Developing Large Software Systems
  • 1975
Air Force Base, OH, rep. AFML-TR-74- 104 (available from DDC as AD 922-041L and 922-171L)
  • Air Force Base, OH, rep. AFML-TR-74- 104 (available from DDC as AD 922-041L and 922-171L)
  • 1974
How to prepare functional specifications
  • How to prepare functional specifications
  • 1974
What it takes to make MAC, MIS, and ABM fly
  • What it takes to make MAC, MIS, and ABM fly
  • 1974
Software and its impact: A quantitative assessment
  • Software and its impact: A quantitative assessment
  • 1973
Automated system analysis
  • Automated system analysis
  • 1971
Automation of system building
  • Automation of system building
  • 1971
GAO hits Wimmix hard: FY'72 funding prospects fading fast
  • GAO hits Wimmix hard: FY'72 funding prospects fading fast
  • 1971