Structure property relationships of biobased n-alkyl bisferulate epoxy resins

  title={Structure property relationships of biobased n-alkyl bisferulate epoxy resins},
  author={Anthony Maiorana and Armando F. Reano and Robert Centore and Marina Grimaldi and Patrick Balaguer and Florent Allais and Richard A. Gross},
  • Anthony Maiorana, Armando F. Reano, +4 authors Richard A. Gross
  • Published 2016
  • Chemistry
  • In this work, a series of bio-based chemically recyclable epoxy resins were synthesized from n-alkyl bisferulate esters that do not activate human estrogen receptor alpha (ERα). Viscosities of corresponding glycidyl ether n-alkyl bisferulate resins, determined by steady shear rheology, range from 12–9.4 Pa s. Activation energies of flow range from 83–96 kJ mol−1 and are similar to the diglycidyl ether bisphenol A (DGEBA). Thermomechanical properties of diglycidyl ether n-alkyl bisferulate… CONTINUE READING

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