Structure of the yeast polarity protein Sro7 reveals a SNARE regulatory mechanism

  title={Structure of the yeast polarity protein Sro7 reveals a SNARE regulatory mechanism},
  author={Douglas A. Hattendorf and Anna Andreeva and Akanksha Gangar and Patrick Brennwald and William I Weis},
Polarized exocytosis requires coordination between the actin cytoskeleton and the exocytic machinery responsible for fusion of secretory vesicles at specific sites on the plasma membrane. Fusion requires formation of a complex between a vesicle-bound R-SNARE and plasma membrane Qa, Qb and Qc SNARE proteins. Proteins in the lethal giant larvae protein family, including lethal giant larvae and tomosyn in metazoans and Sro7 in yeast, interact with Q-SNAREs and are emerging as key regulators of… CONTINUE READING


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