Structure of the tendon connective tissue

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  • Biology, Engineering
  • Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports
Tendons consist of collagen (mostly type I collagen) and elastin embedded in a proteoglycan‐water matrix with collagen accounting for 65–80% and elastin approximately 1–2% of the dry mass of the tendon. These elements are produced by tenoblasts and tenocytes, which are the elongated fibroblasts and fibrocytes that lie between the collagen fibers, and are organized in a complex hierarchical scheme to form the tendon proper. Soluble tropocollagen molecules form cross‐links to create insoluble… 

Biochemical and anisotropical properties of tendons.

Three‐dimensional ultrastructure reconstruction of tendinous components at the bifurcation of the bovine superficial digital flexor tendon using array and STEM tomographies

This study used array and scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) tomographies to reconstruct the three‐dimensional ultrastructure of tenocytes, collagen fibres, collagen fibrils and GAG chains at the bifurcation of the bovine hindlimb superficial digital flexor tendon (SDFT).

Synthesis of an artificial tendon

A collagen matrix is produced which mimics tendon by extrusion under physiological conditions and mesenchymal stem cells are seeded in vitro on collagen based threads which suggests that they differentiate into tendon-like cells.

Collagen fibril form and function.

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The “other” 15–40%: The Role of Non‐Collagenous Extracellular Matrix Proteins and Minor Collagens in Tendon

The aim of this review is to provide an overview of the role of non‐collagenous ECM proteins and less abundant collagens in tendon development and homeostasis.

Three dimensional microstructural network of elastin, collagen, and cells in Achilles tendons

  • X. PangJian-Ping Wu T. B. Kirk
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    Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society
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This study substantiates the hierarchical system of the spatial microstructure of tendon, including the mapping of collagen, elastin and tenocytes, with 3‐dimensional confocal images, as a distinct, integrated and complex microstructural network.

Cartilage oligomeric matrix protein (COMP), thrombospondin-4 (TSP-4) and type I and III collagens in tendon

Results indicate that COMP is involved in activity and aging processes, in repair processes in combination with type III collagen, and in heterooligomer formation with TSP-4 in equine tendon.

The role of the non‐collagenous matrix in tendon function

This review focuses on the NCM within the tensional region of developing and mature tendon, discussing the current knowledge and identifying areas that require further study to fully understand structure–function relationships within tendon.



Structure and metabolism of tendons

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A tendon forms an integral part of a musculotendinous unit. It transmits the tensions generated in muscles to bone. Tendons are stronger than muscles and are able to witstand larger forces. Tendons

Histochemical and ultrastructural study of Gaucher cells.

Results of the enzyme histochemical study (hydrolases and dehydrogenases) point to the considerably higher overall metabolic activity of GC when compared to the Niemann-Pick storage macrophages.

Achilles Tendon Lesions in Sport

The specific factors of the various conditions demonstrated as causes of Achilles tendon pain are set out and the value of different laboratory and other investigations indicated in the particular pathological conditions are indicated.

The Three-dimensional ultrastructure of myotendinous junction of the rat calf vascularity of the rotator cuff. Clin human tendons

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Achilles paratenonitis in athletes

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