Structure of the shell from eggs of the tuatara, Sphenodon punctatus.

  title={Structure of the shell from eggs of the tuatara, Sphenodon punctatus.},
  author={Mary J. Packard and Karl F Hirsch and V Benno Meyer-Rochow},
  journal={Journal of morphology},
  volume={174 2},
Shells from eggs of the tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus) are 0.2 mm thick and are composed of a layer of calcite and a multi-layered, fibrous shell membrane. Most of the calcareous layer is composed of roughly circular columns of crystalline material that extend deep into the shell membrane. The crystalline matrix of the columns is interwoven with fibers of the shell membrane except near the outer surface of the eggshell, where the calcareous material is more compact. Overlying the columns is a… CONTINUE READING

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