Structure of the human apolipoprotein B gene.

  title={Structure of the human apolipoprotein B gene.},
  author={Brian D. Blackhart and Elmar Ludwig and Vincenzo Pierotti and L Caiati and M A Onasch and Steven C. Wallis and Lawrie Powell and Richard J. Pease and Timothy J. Knott and Mon Li Chu},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={261 33},
Human apolipoprotein B100 cDNA is 14 kilobases in length and encodes a 4563-amino acid precursor protein. The corresponding human gene has been isolated as a series of overlapping lambda clones and extends over 43 kilobases. The gene comprises 29 exons and 28 introns. The distribution of introns is extremely asymmetrical, most of them appearing in the 5'-terminal one-third of the gene. Although most of the exons fall within the normal size limits for mammalian genes, two are unusually long… CONTINUE READING

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