Structure of the DNA-binding domain of zinc GAL4

  title={Structure of the DNA-binding domain of zinc GAL4},
  author={Per J. Kraulis and Andrew R. C. Raine and Paresh L. Gadhavi and Ernest D. Laue},
THE yeast transcriptional activator GAL4 binds co-operatively to four related 17-base-pair sequences within an upstream activating sequence (UASG) to activate transcription of the GAL1 and GAL10 genes1. It belongs to a class of gene regulatory proteins which all contain a highly conserved cysteine-rich region within their DNA-binding domains2,3. This region binds zinc4–7 and it has been proposed that the cysteine residues coordinate the zinc, creating a structure analogous to one of the 'zinc… CONTINUE READING