Structure of stationary stable processes

  title={Structure of stationary stable processes},
  author={Jan Ros{\'i}nski},
A connection between structural studies of stationary non-Gaussian stable processes and the ergodic theory of nonsingular flows is established and exploited. Using this connection, a unique decomposition of a stationary stable process into three independent stationary parts is obtained. It is shown that the dissipative part of a flow generates a mixed moving average part of a stationary stable process, while the identity part of a flow essentially gives the harmonizable part. The third part of… 
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We study stationary stable processes related to periodic and cyclic flows in the sense of Rosinski [Ann. Probab. 23 (1995) 1163–1187]. These processes are not ergodic. We provide their canonical
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Abstract. Let α? (1,2) and Xα be a symmetric α-stable (S α S) process with stationary increments given by the mixed moving average where is a standard Lebesgue space, is some measurable function
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We develop classification results for max-stable processes, based on their spectral representations. The structure of max-linear isometries and minimal spectral representations play important roles.
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