Structure of spectra of precompletions

  title={Structure of spectra of precompletions},
  author={Erica Barrett and Emil Graf and Susan Loepp and Kimball Strong and Sharon Zhang},
  journal={Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics},
Let T be a complete local (Noetherian) ring and let A be a local subring of T such that the completion of A with respect to its maximal ideal is T. We investigate the possible structures of the partially ordered set Spec(A). Specifically, we explore the minimal prime ideals of A and their formal fibers, the maximal chains of prime ideals in A, and the number of prime ideals in A containing combinations of minimal prime ideals of A. 

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Cardinalities of prime spectra of precompletions

Given a complete local (Noetherian) ring, necessary and sufficient conditions are found on the inline-formula content-type to allow for a local domain to exist such that there exists a localdomain of T.



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