Structure of frataxin iron cores: an X-ray absorption spectroscopic study.

  title={Structure of frataxin iron cores: an X-ray absorption spectroscopic study.},
  author={Helen Nichol and Oleksandr Gakh and Heather A. O'Neill and Ingrid J. Pickering and Grazia Isaya and Graham N George},
  volume={42 20},
X-ray absorption spectroscopy at the iron K-edge indicates that the iron cores of human and yeast frataxin polymers assembled in vitro are identical to each other and are similar but not identical to ferritin cores. Both frataxin polymers contain ferrihydrite, a biomineral composed of ferric oxide/hydroxide octahedra. The ferrihydrite in frataxin is less ordered than iron cores of horse spleen ferritin, having fewer face-sharing Fe-Fe interactions but similar double corner-sharing interactions… CONTINUE READING

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