Structure of effusol: A new phenolic constituent fromJuncus effusus

  title={Structure of effusol: A new phenolic constituent fromJuncus effusus},
  author={J. Bhattacharyya},
Effusol, a relatively rare alkylated phenolic 9, 10-dihydrophenanthrene has been isolated fromJuncus effusus. Its structure has been established mainly on the basis of1H and13C-NMR spectra. 
Biocontrol activity of effusol from the extremophile plant, Juncus maritimus, against the wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici
The results suggest that the plant environment, especially the substrate of the soil, should be taken into account to identify great sources of natural antifungal products and a promising biocontrol molecule against Z. tritici is suggested. Expand
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Etude phytochimique de quelques plantes extrêmophiles tunisiennes et exploration de leurs activités biologiques
Le dehydrojuncusol s'est montre etre un nouvel inhibiteur de the replication du virus de l'hepatite C, capable d'agir sur des formes de resistance a certains traitement disponibles sur le marche. Expand
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