Structure of Tobacco Mosaic Virus

  title={Structure of Tobacco Mosaic Virus},
  author={Rosalind E. Franklin},
  • R. Franklin
  • Published 26 February 1955
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Nature
Key factors of scanning a plant virus with AFM in air and aqueous solution
It is shown that positively charged APDMES functionalized silicon can be a suitable substrate to work with at neutral pHs and the effects of cantilever oscillation's free amplitude and the amplitude set‐point are assessed here.
Nanofibril Alignment during Assembly Revealed by an X-ray Scattering-Based Digital Twin
The nanostructure, primarily particle orientation, controls mechanical and functional (e.g., mouthfeel, cell compatibility, optical, morphing) properties when macroscopic materials are assembled from
Aperiodic crystals in biology
  • E. Maciá
  • Biology
    Journal of physics. Condensed matter : an Institute of Physics journal
  • 2021
Although the currently adopted quasicrystal notion is not general enough to properly account for the rich structural features one usually finds in biological arrangements of matter, several mathematical tools and fundamental notions belonging to the aperiodic crystals science toolkit can provide a useful modeling framework to this end.
Advances and insights in the diagnosis of viral infections
Methods widely used in the certificated diagnostic laboratory for SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A, B, C, HIV, and other viruses during a viral pandemic are outlined and a comprehensive overview of molecular analytical methods has shown that the assay's sensitivity, accuracy, and suitability for virus detection depends on the choice of the number of regions in the viral open reading frame (ORF) genome sequence and the validity of the selected analytical method.
Helical Self-Organizations and Emerging Functions in Architectures, Biological and Synthetic Macromolecules
Helical architectures including artwork and monuments, such us the Trajan’s column from Rome, were constructed as early as in the year 113 while the assemblies and the self-organizations of biologi...
Principles of Virus Structure


Über die Spaltung des Tabakmosaikvirus und die Wiedervereinigung der Spaltstücke zu höhermolekularen Proteinen. I. Die Spaltungsreaktion
In schwach alkalischer Lösung entstehen aus dem Tabakmosaikvirus 8 verschiedene Spaltproteine definierter Größe und außerdem in einigen Fällen freie Nucleinsäure. Die Anzahl, Größe und Gestalt der
Infra-Red Dichroism and Protein Structure: Infra-Red Dichroism of Tobacco Mosaic Virus Nucleoprotein
The infra-Red dichroism of Tobacco Mosaic Virus Nucleoprotein is related to the structure of the Tournaisian virus and its role in cell reprograming is unclear.