Structure of Sputnik, a virophage, at 3.5-Å resolution.

  title={Structure of Sputnik, a virophage, at 3.5-{\AA} resolution.},
  author={Xinzheng Zhang and Siyang Sun and Ye Xiang and Jimson Wong and Thomas Klose and Didier Raoult and Michael G. Rossmann},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={109 45},
"Sputnik" is a dsDNA virus, referred to as a virophage, that is coassembled with Mimivirus in the host amoeba. We have used cryo-EM to produce an electron density map of the icosahedral Sputnik virus at 3.5-Å resolution, sufficient to verify the identity of most amino acids in the capsid proteins and to establish the identity of the pentameric protein forming the fivefold vertices. It was also shown that the virus lacks an internal membrane. The capsid is organized into a T = 27 lattice in… CONTINUE READING