Structure of Ru108,110,112: Identical bands in Ru108,110

  title={Structure of Ru108,110,112: Identical bands in Ru108,110},
  author={Qinghong Lu and K. Butler-Moore and Shuijin Zhu and J. H. Hamilton and A. V. Ramayya and V. E. Oberacker and W. C. Ma and Behara S Ravindra Babu and Jing Kang Deng and J. Kormicki and Joanne W. Cole and Rahmat Aryaeinejad and Yves X. Dardenne and Mark William Drigert and Lic.Graciela Peker and John Oskaer Rasmussen and Mark A. Stoyer and Steven Chu and Kenneth E. Gregorich and Richard Diamond and Michael Florian Mohar and Joachim Nitschke and Noah Ray Johnson and A. Virtanen and C. J. Zachary and Yu. Ts. Oganessian and Jang Bahadur Gupta},

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