Structure-guided engineering of xylitol dehydrogenase cosubstrate specificity.

  title={Structure-guided engineering of xylitol dehydrogenase cosubstrate specificity.},
  author={Andreas H Ehrensberger and Robert A. Elling and David K Wilson},
  volume={14 3},
Xylitol dehydrogenase (XDH) is one of several enzymes responsible for assimilating xylose into eukaryotic metabolism and is useful for fermentation of xylose contained in agricultural byproducts to produce ethanol. For efficient xylose utilization at high flux rates, cosubstrates should be recycled between the NAD+-specific XDH and the NADPH-preferring xylose reductase, another enzyme in the pathway. To understand and alter the cosubstrate specificity of XDH, we determined the crystal structure… CONTINUE READING
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